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Please note: Amazon has done away with Datastage on the cloud. To install Datastage on the cloud, the software and the license needs to be provided to Amazon and installation will be completed. (Thanks to the comments from ganther). So, all the details may not still be valid.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server provides an integrated ETL and Data Quality development environment that delivers a trusted, scalable and “Pay as you go” data integration solution that helps organizations derive more value from the complex, heterogeneous


This 64 bit kernel version 2.6.16 based Linux OS AMI contains a pre-installed InfoSphere Information Server version 8.1 product. The installed components are InfoSphere DataStage and InfoSphere QualityStage. It also contains an instance of the DB2 9.5 database that will host the metadata repository. The services tier is hosted by IBM WebSphere Application Server version
There is a separate Windows based image with InfoSphere Information Server clients such as the web based Administration Console, the DataStage and QualityStage Designer, DataStage and QualityStage Administrator, and the DataStage and QualityStage Director.

Prerequisites and Resources:

Instance Type
The InfoSphere Information Server AMI on 64 bit kernel version 2.6.16 based Linux OS, can be used with large, Extra Large or High-CPU Extra Large instance type based on project requirement.
Software Included
  • 2.6.16 kernel level based Linux OS
  • InfoSphere DataStage 8.1 and InfoSphere QualityStage 8.1 (64 bit)
Resources and Documentation
  • Link to the Information Server Client AMI : (AWS to add link to the Client Catalog Entry)
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Information Server AMIs.
  • Get Started with Information Server AMIs.
  • Cloud Computing and Information Server
  • Information Server on DeveloperWorks
  • For a full listing of IBM products featured on AWS, please see the IBM developerWorks Cloud Computing Resource Center
  • Please visit for extensive information about the IBM Information Server suite.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a new IBM InfoSphere Information Server license, please visit the IBM Software Online Catalog.
  • InfoSphere DataStage product number 5724-Q36
  • InfoSphere QualityStage product number 5724-Q36
  • DB2 9.5 product number
  • The IBM License Information (LI) is presented in the AMI for your acceptance in English only. If you would prefer to view the LI in another language, please search for the program license agreement here using the program numbers above. You’ll then be asked to select your language.

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  1. ganther says

    The datastage offering in Amazon has been done away with. we need to provide the software and the license to Amazon for Datastage installation on Amazon cloud.

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