Data Lineage in Metadata workbench

Metadata Workbench illustrates relationships between processes, business concepts, people, databases, columns, data files, and much, much more. Combined with Business Glossary, it gives you reporting capabilities for the casual business user as well as the (often) more technical dedicated metadata researcher.
Log into the Metadata Workbench.At the left, there is the list of DataStage Servers and their Projects. Open up the project, it’s folders, and click on your Job. A detailed page appears. Click on the Job to get an expanded view in a new window of what the Job looks like. The metadata you are viewing is up-to-date from the last moment you or a developer saved the Job in the DS Designer. Also there is a very important listing of the Stage types in the Job, along with their icon. Note below you have many “expandable” sections for things like Job Operational metadata.
For any stage click “Data Lineage” at the upper right.
click “Create Report”. – this says where the data came from
At the bottom of the page,  click the button labeled “Display Final Assets”. 

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