What is IIS Suite

IIS =  IBM InfoSphere Information Server

IIS from IBM could mean:

  • InfoSphere Information Server Workgroup Edition (IIS WE) = Data Integration or ETL(DataStage, QualityStage, Information Analyzer, and Metadata Workbench)
  • InfoSphere Information Server for Data Warehousing (IIS DW) = Data Warehousefor Smart Analytics System

IIS consists of:

  • Data Stage: IBM’s main ETL & data integration tool
  • Quality Stage: IBM’s main data quality tool (needs to be licensed seperately)
  • Fast Track: write the mapping spec to generate Data Stage & Quality Stage jobs & reports
  • Business Glossary: to edit business meaning/data dictionary
  • Blueprint Director: link everything: metadata, ETL, data model
  • Information Analyzer: to understand the content, structure and quality of the data
  • Information Services Director: to deploy data stage/quality jobs as web services or EJB
  • Metadata Workbench: create data lineage between database, files and BI models
  • Metadata Server : stores operational metadata like how many rows were written

Links to IBM Documentation:


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