Schedule Datastage ETL jobs – Basics

Read about Datastage Scheduler

What is the utility used to schedule the jobs on a UNIX server?

dsjob utility (UNIX commands) are used to schedule datastage jobs. dsjob commands allow us to:

  • Start a job (-run)
  • Stop a job -stop
  • List projects, jobs, stages, links, and parameters
  • Set an alias for a job
  • Retrieve information
  • Access log files (Important )- IBM reference
    dsjob -log [ -info | -warn ] [ -useid ] project job|job_id
  • Generate a report

<h2>There are many tools that help scheduling</h2>

  • Ascential Director
  • AUTOSYS”: Thru autosys u can automate the job by invoking the shell script written to schedule the datastage jobs
    • Autosys is the most popular scheduler
  • SeeBeyond,
  • ControlM,
  • at,
  • cron

For more information read – Popular schedulers in Datastage

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