Stages in Datastage

There are different types of Stages in Datastage. 

1)Database Stages 
2)File Stages 
3)Development Stages 
4)Processing Stages 
5)Real Time Stages 

In Database Stages, mostly used stages are 

a)Oracle Enterprise 
b)ODBC Enterprise 
c)ODBC Conductor 
d)DB2 Enterprise 
e)Teradata Enterprise 
g)Dynamic RDBMS 
i)MS SQL Server Load 

And in Processing Stages mostly used stages are 

a)Aggregator Stage 
b)Command Stage 
c)Pivot Stage 
d)Transformer Stage 
e)Sort Stage 
f)Merge Stage 
g)Link Partitioner Stage 
h)Join Stage 
i)Lookup Stage 
j)Copy Stage

k)Funnel Stage
l)Surrogate Key
N)Filter Stage

The file stages are as follows

a)Sequential Stage 
b)Data Set Stage
c)File Set Stage
d)Lookup file set stage
e)Complex Flat File Stage
f)External Source Stage

The Development Stages are

a)Row Generator
b)Column Generator 
c)Head Stage
d)Tail Stage
e)Sample Stage
f)Peek Stage 

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