Environment checklist for Datastage

Check for proper user privileges presence in the Database to run the datastage jobs.

All the MQTs related to a table should be present in development environment. Also, privileges to run the ‘set integrity’ in the MQTs and tables should be present.
Availability of the TSM(Tivoli Storage Manager) so that DB2(database) connector can work in case non-recoverable is set to ‘false’. Otherwise, its not required.
No DB2(database) table lock should be there. This needs to be checked before running the datastage jobs.
Data partitions on the DB2(database) tables should be done till the current date (or month, if it is done on fiscal_month) Check if the database partition is done to the table or not(wherever applicable)?
Access in control-M so that we can run the jobs
Data refresh tasks done ,(if required) from Production – Reference Data, Bootstrap data

Substitute DB2 with relevant database

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