Implementing SCD II in Datastage 7.X

SCD II can be achieved in Datasatge with the help of two fields’ Effective date (EFCT_DT) and Expiry date (EXPR_DT). Through these two fields we can keep track of the active records and expired records.
For identifying the active records we need to assign a standard high data EXPR_DT (e.g. 2999-12-31).We can assume to use 2999-12-31 as EXPR_DT for active records in our example. So for identifying the active records you need to query the table for records with EXPR_DT=’2999-12-31’.

For identifying the expired records we need to query the table for records with EXPR_DT<>’2999-12-31’.

The following block diagram shows the layout to implement SCD II in Datastage:  

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