Project transition from one vendor to another – Execution Phase Activities

Organization Chart
Prepare project organization chart
Support Groups
Interact with operations/helpdesk/testing/application teams
Interact with business groups
Existing process and environment
Study the existing hardware and software environments (Production/Development/Testing)
Study the maintenance/development/testing process (flow) and methodology
Study escalation process, SLA/QA processes
Create OPD and Induction Manual
Support Tools
Identify existing support tools
Identify transition support tools
Introduce transition team to support tools
Update Induction Manual
Configuration Management
Understand existing configuration management procedures and tools
Update Configuration management procedure in OPD and modify Induction Manual
Incorporate review changes
Try check-in and check-out procedures on the tool
Testing Procedures
Identify Testing team from Client
Contact testing team for procedures
Study SIT set up process
Study UAT set up process
Study data population process
Study other Testing activities
Document Testing Procedures in OPD
Incorporate review changes
Access procedure check
Check if individual team members can access modules, tools, applications
Document analysis and Organization (for each module)
Identify the availability of Business Requirement documents
Identify Technical Specifications available
Prepare System Description Document
Prepare Overview docs on missing sub module specifications
Collect data from interviews about documents present
Prepare Documents reference list
Incorporate review changes
Application System Study
Detailed presentation by Client
Question and answer session
Study the business flow and process
Study the application for functionality and design
Collect Inventory and Identify the boundary of the system
Transactions study and analysis – screen navigation
Study batch jobs (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, adhoc etc)
Study the reports and forms
Batch process (copy books, programs, JCLs, procedures)
Study job flow dependencies
Study interface systems
Obtain recovery instructions
Update OPD, SDD and Induction Manual
Create business/screen/job/data flow diagrams
Check errors from Casual Analysis Report (if available)
Database analysis (for each module)
Collect Data Model
Understand current Data Model and organization
Identify external system interfaces
Update SDD
Update Inventory (for each module)
Prepare/update the System Inventory Document
Backlog Management
Identify unresolved issues in the system
Coding Standards
Study documents on existing coding standards
Prepare/enhance coding standards document for future development and enhancements
Incorporate review changes
Release Coding Standards Document
Analysis of Maintenance History
Identify number of problems and enhancements performed over a period of time
Study the manner in which the problems were closed
Review error prone and critical software items
Review test plans and test specifications
Prepare high level document on understanding and outcome of analysis
Prepare a detailed activity list on Maintenance and Support and Development that are carried out by Client and update OPD
Analysis of Help-Desk Methodology
Overview of the system
Overview of Helpdesk Methodology
Understanding the Miscellaneous Helpdesk activities (Daily Batch Checks, Updates to Call DB, etc)
Identify number of issues resolved
Study how problems were received/resolved/closed
Review error prone and critical software items
Identify unresolved issues in the system
Prepare a detailed activity list on helpdesk activities that are carried out by Client
Operations Procedures Study
Study Operations activities and functionalities
Study Operation tools and procedures
Study the JCL and Procedure libraries
Study housekeeping jobs and environment related jobs
Study coding standards and naming conventions
Prepare Operations Procedures document
Incorporate review changes
Cross Over criteria
Create Cross Over Document
Incorporate review changes
Release Cross Over Document
Defect Logging and Monitoring
Briefing on existing procedures
Prepare Defect Logging and Monitoring procedures for Acceptance Phase in OPD
Incorporate review changes in the Defect Logging and Monitoring procedures
Acceptance Procedures
Identify contacts for deciding on Acceptance Procedures
Discuss current procedures and sign-off
Document Acceptance Procedures in OPD
Incorporate review changes
Existing Vendor interaction
Identify contacts from existing vendors
Gather system details and product information
Identify key vendor resources
Document Vendor Liaison Procedures in OPD
System Description documentation (SDD)
Finalize the System Description Documentation
Incorporate review changes
Release the System Description Documentation
Finalize Manuals
Finalize Induction Manual
Incorporate review changes
Finalize OPD
Incorporate review changes
Release Induction Manual and OPD
Study existing development projects
Study the existing projects
Prepare a development take-on plan for assuming responsibility of development
Off-Shore set-up procedures
Identify procedures and infrastructure required for Offshore
Offshore set-up requirements review by Client
Start setting up New Vendor offshore based on requirements
Transition Plan (Progress Monitoring)
Update Transition Plan based on the project progress and changes in scope of the project
Weekly Reviews and Play back Session

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