Project transition from one vendor – Activities for Secondary Support

Support for Maintenance activities
Client team to provide Primary support
Nightly batch monitor and handle calls (New Vendor to observe and monitor)
New Vendor to provide Secondary support
Handle severity 1 and critical severity 2 problems
Assign lower priority severity 2 and severity 3 tickets to New Vendor
Provide fixes to assigned problem tickets
Provide consultation for problem resolution related to business knowledge
Review fixes for problems assigned to New Vendor
Support for Development activities
Own and perform development activities
Assign specific tasks to New Vendor – low level design, specifications coding, unit test
Perform assigned tasks – low level design, specifications coding, unit test
Collect support and development activity performance metrics
Provide weekly status report on Support and Development activities
Review, analyze, monitor progress/success of secondary ownership phase based on performance metrics and issues/risks and initiate metrics and issues/risks and initiate corrective/preventive actions
Conduct Phase end review meeting to evaluate success of the secondary ownership transition
Estimation Guidelines
Study the existing estimation process
Prepare estimation guidelines
Other activities
Document initial baseline and track all the changes made to the baseline configurable items.
Finalize the SLA document
Refine Manuals
Update Induction Manual
Review and release Induction Manual
Update Operational Process Document
Review and release Operational Process Document
Sign off cross over criteria
Update the Transition Project Plan based on the project progress and changes in the scope of the project.

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