Teradata Parallel Transporter

TPT is an object-oriented client suite that executes multiple instances of data extraction, transformations, and loading functions in a scalable, high-speed, parallel-processing environment.

Main features:

All-in-one! Single infrastructure for all loading/unloading needs using single scripting language.

Greatly reduces the amount of file I/O and significantly improve performance.

Push up and Push down features.

Provides unlimited symbolic substitution for the script language and application programming interface (API).

Combines functionality of TD FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport, TPump and API.

Respective modules or operators for the protocols of fastload, multiload, tpump and fastexport are named as Load, Update, Stream and Export.

Apart from the four operators, on API & ODBC front, there are operators like Selector, Inserter and more.

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