Physical architecture Vs Logical architecture in Oracle Data Integrator

Physical Architecture is used to create the server name (database) which we are connecting to particular DATABASE.

Logical Architecture is a logical name of Physical Architecture, Only in the designing time we are using Physical Architectures but Logical Architecture used in run time ex:-  when creating models we are using Logical Architecture, and creating interfaces .

In the run time logical Architecture connects to context, In the designing time we have created logical schema name and pyscical schema name which are internally connected by using context, Now the context connects to the particular PhysicalArchitecture, the Physical Architecture connects to the designed Server (DATABASE)


Creating a Data Server

A Data Server corresponds for example to a Database, JMS server instance, a scripting engine or a file system accessed with Oracle Data Integrator in the integration flows. Under a data server, subdivisions are created in the form of Physical Schema.

Context is used to connect  Physical Architecture and Logical Architecture

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