Dynamic Relational Stage (DRS) versus OBDC or Native

DRS is a stage that tries to make it seamless for switching from one database to another. It uses the native connectivity for the chosen target

DRS stage should be faster then the ODBC stage as it uses native database connectivity. You will need to install and configure the required database clients on your DataStage server for it to work.

Dynamic Relational Stage was leveraged for Peoplesoft to have a job to run on any of the supported databases. It supports ODBC connections too. Read more of that in the plug-in documentation. ODBC uses the ODBC driver (Open Database Connectivity) for a particular database.

Native versus DRS versus OBDC

Performance wise there is not much of a difference. DRS uses native drivers. DRS stage has both the ODBC and Native API connectivity(Like connecting to Oracle or other DBMS) whereas ODBC stage only uses Open Database Connectivity.

Dynamic Relational Stage

Dynamic RDBMS stage has existed since the early version 7s

DRS is replaced by the DRS connector Stage after V 8.5. There is an optional automatic conversion when you upgrade in place. Otherwise there is a conversion tool that you can use. Or, of course, you can effect the change manually.

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