What is unicode and what is the use of it

While doing the View Data shows you “un-American” characters. View data wont give the correct result ,please check the final out put (file or table). Don’t trust what View Data shows you in regard to “un-American” characters. Use a viewer that can display (Eg. the Euro symbol, accented characters, etc.) properly.
Use a viewer that can display the Euro symbol, accented characters, etc. properly.
Use “UNICODE” to handle LATIN source data/Chinese characters .

Apply stringtoUstring(columnvalue,’UTF-8′) and make column datatype as nvarchar

– Server Maps=UTF-8
– Parallel Maps=UTF-8

code page IBM 1388

Error and resolution

APT_CombinedOperatorController(1),0: Invalid character(s) ([xE4]) found converting string (code point(s): [xEF][xBC][x8A][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][ x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][ x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][ xE3][x80][ x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][ xE3][x80][ x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80] [xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][ x80][ x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3][x80][x80][ xE3][x80][ x80][xE3][x80][x80][xE3]…) from codepage UTF-8 to Unicode, substituting.

Probable Resolution:

the job (or project) was setup to default to UTF-8 character set, but the stage used to read source uses ISO-8859-1 characters.

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