Create Business lineage reports in Metadata workbench

What is business lineage report?

It displays the flow of information between assets

In the task list on the asset information page for an asset, click Business Lineage.


In a results list from a find or query action, or in the Manage Business Lineage window, right-click the name of an asset and choose Business Lineage.

What is included?
Default – application, BI report and data file can be included in business lineage reports

To change default behavior, Metadata Workbench Administrator must configure any assets to be excluded from the business lineage report

Check if you have Business Glossary User role

Datastage String Functions

Function Usage
AlNum Cab be used to check if the given string has alphanumeric characters
Alpha TRUE if string is completely alphabetic
CompactWhiteSpace all consective whitespace will be reduced to single space
Compare Compares two strings for sort
ComparNoCase Compare two strings irrespective of Case in-sensitiveness
ComparNum Compare the first n characters of the two strings
CompareNumNoCase Compare first n characters of the two strings irrespective of case in-sensitiveness
Convert Replace character in a string with the given character.
Count Count number of times a given substring occurs in a string
Dcount Returns count of delimited fields in a string
DownCase Change all uppercase letters in a string to lowercase
DQuote Enclose a string in double quotation marks
Field Return 1 or more delimited substrings
Index Find starting character position of substring
Left Finds leftmost n characters of string
Len Length of the string or total number of characters in a string
Num Return 1 if string can be converted to a number
PadString Return the string padded with the optional pad character and optional
Right Finds Rightmost n characters of string
Soundex Returns a string which identifies a set of words that are
phonetically similar
Space Return a string of N space characters
Squote Covers a string into single quotation marks
Str Repeat a string
StripWhiteSpace Return the string after removing all whitespace
Trim Remove all leading and trailing spaces and tabs. Also reduce the internal occurrences of spaces and tabs into one.
TrimB Remove all trailing spaces and tabs
TrimF Remove all leading spaces and tabs
Trim Returns a string with leading and trailing whitespace removed
Upcase Change all lowercase letters in a string to uppercase