IIS Suite products/modules

Information Server 9.1 comes with the following download packages:
  • Information Server 9.1 Quick Start Guide
  • Information Server 9.1 Server install.
  • Information Server 9.1 Client install.
The following bundled products:
  • DB2 Enterprise Edition 10.1 (optional, can also use Oracle or SQL Server)
  • WebSphere Application Server 8.5 (not optional, other application servers not supported)
The following additional products with separate installers:
  • InfoSphere Blueprint Director 2.2
  • Information Analyzer Exception Manager
  • Information Server Product Documentation
  • InfoSphere Change Data Delivery 6.5.1 for Sybase, Teradata, SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, DataStage
  • InfoSphere Change Data Delivery 6.5.2 for DB2, Access Server, Management Console
  • Information Server Pack for Salesforce 1.0.2
  • InfoSphere QualityStage Address Verification V10

Source: it.toolbox.com

Infosphere Information Server V 8.7

What is IIS Suite?
IBM’s Infosphere Information Server is a data integration platform. It includes products for Data Warehousing (Infosphere Warehouse 10), Information Integration (IBM Datastage), Master Data Management (MDM V10) and Big Data Analytics.

Which is the latest version?

What is new in V8.7?

  • Supports Big Data and Hadoop (directly access big data file on a distributed file system)
  • Deep & Tight Metadata integration
  • Comprehensive information governance
  • parallel debugging capabilities for partitioned data
  • smart management of metadata and metadata imports
  • New operational intelligence capabilities
  • Netezza connectivity as a part of this release
  • A new configuration option for the database connectivity layer of Information Server creates an audit log for any database operation directly into InfoSphere Guardium
  • A new InfoSphere Change Data Capture stage, as well as expanded metadata capture with Data Replication/Change Data Delivery for end-to-end data lineage
  • A new Teradata Connector TMSM and dual load support to help Teradata users better manage disaster recovery
  • Advanced capabilities to identify, cleanse, and manage metadata for SAP projects help SAP project managers meet their go-live dates

New features in IBM Datastage V 8.7 – http://dsxchange.net/uploads/DSXChange_DataStage_8_7.pdf