Read Excel files in Datastage


Need to convert the excel files to csv (save as .csv)

then read that file using sequentila file stage.

To convert excel into csv ,just do save as csv file and mention delimiter as comma

V8.0.1 and onwards

There is a way to read Excel files directly. Create a DSN and point it to the Excel file which needs to be read. This is similar to the ODBC connection which will be setup for DBs. Once this is done, you can use ODBC stage in Datastage to connect to this DSN. Each sheet in the excel will be treated as a table and you can write normal SQL query to pull data out of it.

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  1. Shiv Kumar says


    Your response is good enough, however I am stuck in with creating DSN. Our Source Excel files will reside in unix box,
    then I am not sure how can the DSN be created.Please, help me by describing the steps for creating DSN, so that we can read excel files.
    Quick response is appreciable.

    Shiv -7767016104

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