ISTOOL for EXPORT IMPORT Datastage Components

ISTOOL for EXPORT IMPORT Information Server Components
This post help you to understand export and import of DataStage jobs and other components/assets from command line.
Use istool to export and import DataStage jobs and other Information Server components using UNIX command line.

Location of command:
UNIX: /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Clients/istools/cli
Windows: IBMInformationServerClientsistoolscli 

Export Datastage Components From Command Line

Complete Project Export :
cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Clients/istools/cli  
./istool export -dom XYZ123:9080 -u dsadm -p dsadm -ar /tmp/Test1.isx -ds XYZ123/Test1/*/*.*

JobWise Export :
cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Clients/istools/cli 
./istool export -dom XYZ123:9080 -u dsadm -p dsadm -ar /tmp/Test1.isx -ds XYZ123/Test1/Jobs/TestJob.pjb

Syntax : ./istool -dom [domain]:9080 -u [user] -p [password] -ar [Path/ExportFileName.isx] -ds [domain/ProjectName/Jobs/JobNameName.pjb] -[Options]

Import Datastage Components From Command Line
cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Clients/istools/cli 
./istool import -dom XYZ123:9080 -u dsadm -p dsadm -ar /tmp/Test1.isx -ds XYZ123/Test1

Syntax : ./istool -dom [domain]:9080 -u [user] -p [password] -ar [Path/ExportFileName.isx] -ds [domain/ProjectName]

Check List Of Datastage Projects from Command Line:

DSHOME=`cat /.dshome`;
echo $DSHOME

DSHOME=`cat /.dshome`
. ./dsenv
cd ./bin
./dsjob -lprojects        => { For Listing the Datastage Projects}
./dsjob -ljobs project   => { For Listing the Datastage Jobs in given Project}

Additional Information’s :

Components Extension’s

.pjb Extension   : Datastage Job’s
.tbd Extension   : Datastage Table Definitions
.isx  Extension   : You can import Individual Jobs/Whole Project with this extention

ISTOOL Exit codes: 
0  – Success 
1  – Warning 
2  – Partial failure 
3  – Export failed 
4  – Export preview failed 
5  – Invalid archive file 
10  – Failed to connect to Information Server domain 
11  – Invalid command syntax 

istool export [ Options ]

Possible values For: Options
 Long Name:  Short Name : Description:
 -help ,   -h   : print command usage
 -domain ,          -dom  : Name of Information Server domain
 -username , -u   : Name of user account on Information Server domain
 -password ,  -p   : Password for Information Server account
 -verbose ,  -v   : display progress
 -silent ,   -s   : silence command output
 -archive ,  -ar   : Archive file
 -preview ,  -pre   : Preview export task without executing
 -abortIfError ,  -abort  : Abort task on N errors
 -updatearchive, -up   : Update any existing Package file
 -datastage ,  -ds   : DataStage Assets

Options For : Exporting the DS Jobs.
 -includedependent ,  -incdep  : Include dependent items
 -nodesign ,   -nodes  : Exclude design items
 -includeexecutable ,  -incexec  : Include executable items

 -base ,    -base  : Prefix for Paths,DataStage item paths

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