Brief introduction to Datastage

Datastage was introduced in the year 1997 with the name Dataintegrator . And the company introduced this product is VMARK in UK.
Vmark introduced the product as an normal ETL Tool with great aspects. And later it was take over by some companies. Than it was taken by company called Infomix.
They have changed the products name as Datastage and they changed there company name too as Ascential. They named the product as Acential Datastage.
That later on they developed the product by integrating with Orchestrate tool and MKS Tool Kits. In the year 2005 IBM taken the product Datastage and changed name as IBM Datastage and fixed many bugs.
IBM is the brand name well known by many people in the world. They will market the product in huge. And Informatica ETL Tool is the Competitor for Datastage.
Now after learning about History of Datastage, read some basic concepts like stages, concepts

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